How Many Times ... A Physics Wrap Up

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

Last week we counted how many times I proposed a money-making scheme in the history of my blog.

This week I thought it would be entertaining to see how many times I discuss some oddity of physics. (Don't worry ... I won't be doing this flashback time of post every week. It's way too hard to go back and find these links again.)

1. This post introduces the gremlins, In "Water in Lake Erie and Soap in a Soapdish"  I first introduce the gremlins that follow me around and take my things. In "They Are At It Again" I imply that the gremlins are part of an alternate dimension.

2. Of course, entropy and chaos, my archenemies, are also concepts in physics. In "My Battle Against the Forces of Entropy and Chaos"  my battle begins.

3. (I know this one appears in last week's retrospective, but it's worth repeating.) In "What Do You Mean, 'Challenging'?"  I speculate on how to build a trap to prevent socks from disappearing in the dryer. This may not sound exactly like a physics issue, but it is, as Erma Bombeck first theorized. She suspected dryers of being portals from one home to another, transporting socks from one family to another. I also discuss the amazing power of coffee cups to multiply in the cupboards. That has to be a mystery of science waiting to be solved.

4. Then we have the ever popular, "Some Things Just Shouldn't Change" post, (which also featured in last week's recap), where we discuss planets, Pluto, and the Kuiper Belt, all of which are concepts in astrophysics.

5. In "What If?" I ask questions about the multiverse and Schrodinger's cat. You can't get much more "physics" than that. (Hey, it isn't all about falling ladders, you know.)

6. The Science Channel hosts all sorts of documentaries about science topics, and I mention one of them, and their scientific host, in "There Might Be a Conspiracy." 

7. I discuss the interdimensional portal that goes with Tupperware in, "It's More Than Unmatched Socks."

8. Toddler's contact with potential wavelengths from some unknown place appear in "Whose Been Teaching My Kid?"

9. Of course, just recently, I revealed my theory on how soda cans are actually "Mini Warps in Space/Time."

I think that brings us current. Apparently I like to blame my life on random quirks of quarks.


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