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>> Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello.  Yes.  Hi.  It's me ... Karin?  Do you remember?

It's okay if you were starting to forget.  Sometimes things are so weird these days that I'm not sure I remember myself.

It's two weeks and counting until Baby Day, as well as about a month until Bubba's backyard birthday party, and things are ... like you might expect.  Nothing is quite done yet and I'm able to manage less and less each day. 

I've started at least four blog entries, but I've finished none of them in a month.  Yep.  That pretty much is a good analogy for life right now.

Bear with me, please.  I'll be back.  We just need a little time -- time to clean up, to convince Bubba that Daddy won't let him name the Baby "Max," to convince Bubba that there is only one baby coming (only one baby brother OR baby sister, not a baby brother AND baby sister), and of course getting all of the "stuff" ready.  You know.  "Where is it," "Has it expired, been ruined, is no longer cleanble, or just needs a wipe/run through the dishwasher/run through the clothes washer?"  And don't forget, "Didn't we have a ___________?  Who did we loan it to?  Or was it loaned to us in the first place?"

Oh, and yeah.  If the baby is a boy, he still needs a middle name.  We can't seem to resolve that one so far, so someone had better have a couple of coins to flip in the hospital.

Ah, well.  The world will go as it will, and as usual there is nothing I could do to change anything about it.

Stay tuned.  Bubba hasn't offered to name his baby sister "coupon" recently, but he is still mighty entertaining, and I promise the stories haven't stopped for good.


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