More Things I Have Learned - the Post-Preschool Edition

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm not sure when I last wrote a "Things I Have Learned" Post, but I'm building up a nice little list, so I think the time has come to share it with you.  I call this one the "Post-Preschool Edition" because I figured we are all tired of me trying to come with new and unique ways to say, "yet another list" in my title.

Don't worry, though.  "Post Preschool" is only a time reference.  Not every thing I have learned has to do with preschool... but a few do.

I have learned that:

1.  Apparently, according to Toddler, the bests part about preschool is the playground.  So far, that is all he has manged to tell me that he does while he is there.  What happens in the rest of the time is something I have yet to learn, although I've heard something about "pictures" and some questionable comments about skateboards.

2.  As far as Toddler is concerned, "talking about" a curbside drop off is altogether different than actually doing it.

3.  The reason that ramen noodles tell you to put the powder in after the noodles are cooked is so the powder stuff doesn't touch the steam from the boiling water and adhere to that little foil thing like paste.  (And, Doc Curtis, if you are reading this ... the ramen noodles were for ... the neighbors.  Yes, I was making them for the neighbors.  I wouldn't dare eat them after you told me to cut back on salt.  And I threw away all the soy sauce in my house, too.  Yep.  Threw it all away ... in the cupboard ... where it belongs.)

4.  My husband will eat most anything if I put steak seasoning on it.

5.  Given that Toddler has come home from both days of preschool with wet pants in his bag (or slightly damp on his backside), I think the preschool aides are having some trouble with crack-peeing.  I find this reassuring. 

6.  I have learned the mechanism that makes those instant bread product cans "pop" open when you peel back the label.  Don't know it?  Try opening one with a can opener once and you will figure it out.  I suspect you will be reading more about this in a future blog post.

7.  To my horror, I am finding Jimmy Johnson on Survivor to be compelling.  But, you see, I went to Penn State, and I'm not allowed to like Jimmy under any circumstances because of that whole national championship "we don't eat with the enemy" thing.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you have two choices.  If you are a football fan, you can Google "1987 Fiesta Bowl".  If you aren't a football fan, you can just read on and ignore this because you don't care anyway.  Add to that that I grew up an Eagles fan and live in Redskin's territory now, and you can see how I might feel a little bit conflicted and suprised that he seems so .. well ... likable!  (Again, if you aren't  football fan, just move along.  It would take too long to explain.)

8.  Preschool teachers are either taking mood altering drugs, or they give them to the children.  I can envision no other way any sane person could survive the job, and the ladies at the school all seem reasonably coherent and in touch with reality when I talk to them.

Feel free to contribute any thoughts about things you have learned recently.


Peggy Sue Brister September 17, 2010 at 10:18 AM  

I have never really been a football fan. But I am from Texas and was subjected to my husband (At the time) watching the Dallas Cowboys all the time. If I am not mistaken, Jimmy Johnson was the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Hell he may still be the coach of them for all I know.

saywhatyouwill September 17, 2010 at 5:47 PM  

god, i think you might have identified just what is going on in nurseries. if i'm in the classroom for anything over 12 minutes i find myself relfexing towards the door. that mixture of enthusiasm/calmness is...drug-induced!!

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