Oh, You Shouldn't Have ... But I'm Glad You Did

>> Thursday, September 2, 2010

I know this post is a little bit late this morning.  I was supposed to be sitting around last night thinking of something clever to say, but I got hung up with the Big 10's football division announcement show.

Oh, wait.  That isn't right.  Yesterday was my anniversary, so I was supposd to be sitting around eating Chinese food and hanging out with my husband.  Yep.  We did that -- while watching the Big 10's football division announcement show.

Sadly, we missed the first 10 minutes of the show due to an airing of Lady and the Tramp from our VCR.  (Ahem, yes ... VCR.  We're a little too cheap to re-buy all our old VHS tapes for the DVD player -- just the Star Wars ones so that DH doesn't have any anxiety attacks that there might be deleted scenes and special material out there that we do not possess.  And, that would be ... all the versions of Star Wars:  anniversary, silver, gold, wide-screen, digitally remastered, and original and un-remastered.)  Nonetheless, we did learn about the excellent anniversary present that the Big 10 Conference gave us -- a protected cross-over game between Penn State and Nebraska for eternity.  While I am deeply humbled that the Conference wanted to make such a glorious announcement on our anniversary, I am deeply thrilled too.  This rivalry is meant to be.  Penn State and Nebraska have each cost the other a national title, and the time for mutual paybacks has finally arrived.

As I type this great revelation, I can hear the varied reactions going through the minds of you, my readers:

Some of you are finding out about this division announcement through my blog because it popped onto your news stream on Facebook.  Sadly, you are a bit out of touch, but don't worry.  I will help you out.  Here are the important facts you might be missing.  1.  College football season starts tonight, and the Big 10 is actually playing a Thursday night game.  2.  This coming Saturday is the season opener for just about everyone else.  3.  Nebraska joined the Big 10 back in June, and Colorado went to the Pac-10.  4.  Penn State and Ohio State have been slated into the same division, and divison play starts in 2011.  There, that should be enough information so that you don't embarass yourself until you can rush to the internet and catch up.

Some of you are thinking ... wait.  Doesn't that mean there are 11 ... no, 12 schools in the Big 10 now?  Yes.  There are.  Try not to worry about it.  The name and the number of schools hasn't matched for nearly 20 years, so there is no point in worrying about it now.  Just move on.

Some of you are trying to figure out why I'm talking about football and are wondering when I'm going to stop.  Umm ... next question?

Hearing none, I will end this discussion and return to my previously-scheduled task of packing for the opening game. 

What was that?  Did one of you say, "which game?"  You must be new here.  It's the Penn State game, of course.  (And welcome, by the way.)  I still have one extra ticket if you want to go with me.


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