Some of Life's Most Irritating Moments

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've been thinking about what irritates me the most in this world, and without a doubt, the worst offender is myself.

Don't you hate it when:

You put something down in a hurry and say to yourself, "I'll surely forget where I put that," and you do?

You put something in a very special place, promising yourself you will remember where you put it, and you don't?

You keep telling yourself that you won't miss that turn you always miss when coming home from Chick Fil-A, and the carphone rings and you miss it anyway?

You have all these great ideas for blog entries, and you forget them by the time you get to the computer?

The rain just won't let up, and mushrooms start to grow in your flower bed?

You develop this great system of writing notes for yourself about all these great ideas for blog entries, and you lose them?

You carefully snap your child's shirt/pants/whatever and get to the end and it doesn't line up, and when you start over and do it again, it still doesn't line up?

You finally find your notes on all these great ideas for blog entries, and you decide they all suck after all?

You feel compelled to tell yourself, "I told you so?"

You wish, too late, that you took "before" pictures of ... whatever it is you are working on?

You carefully measure the wrapping paper for the gift, and still somehow manage to cut it too small?

The cartoon characters have names that just don't quite add up? For example, why was Brother Bear (from the Bearnstein Bears) named "Brother" when he was the firstborn? Why does everyone else in every other Bear family in Bear Country have real names except his family, who are named, "Mamma," "Pappa," and "Sister"? Why was "Simba" in The Lion King named "Simba" when "Simba" means "Lion?" Why wasn't any other Lion named "Lion"?

When authors of blogs you read obviously have too much time on their hands that they can be bothered by cartoon character names?


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