Why? Part 5

>> Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's that time again, to ask the ponderous, "Why" questions. This is a special post, because portions of this list were contributed by you, my gentle readers. (Okay, I admit, my Mom was a fan of Miss Manners when I was young.) Special thanks to all of you who contributed. You know who you are, but out of respect to your privacy, I will leave your names to mystery. Feel free to identify yourselves in the comments.

1. On the ground floor of Beaver Stadium (that's Nittany Lion Home for those of you who don't know -- but then you probably don't care, either), there are sections with no cement, and no dirt. They have, instead, a floor of rocks -- not pebbles, but fist sized rocks, held in place by little pieces of wood to make "boxes" that are actually dozens of square feet each. Um .... why?

2. Why do I bother to argue with my Toddler? I'm the mom, and that should be the end of it. I'm too big to argue.

3. Why are eggs considered a dairy product?

4. Why are Facebook games such guilty fun? They are the same sort of text-based-game-hyped-by-some-pretty-pics that we played as kids before Sierra invented SpaceQuest. Oh. Wait. Maybe that's why.

5. Why do retailers of children's clothing think toddler boys only need navy, red, black, white, beige, and grey socks? Why do girls get all the bright colors?

6. Why are there separate solid color "boy" and "girl" socks for pre-schoolers ? Unless lace or pink or flowers or trucks or similar is involved, I would think they could be neutrally applicable ....

7. Why do children inevitably prefer the box the toy came in over the toy itself?

8. Why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs?

9. Why do random strangers and distant acquaintences feel so free to comment on the parenting decisions of people they have just met or barely know?

10. Why do we all still insist on calling The Queen's English and American English the same language? We spell things differently, we don't understand each other's sitcoms, and "English" guidebooks still come with translations and frequently used phrases for the traveler. The time has come. One side has to come up with a new name for their language. Then maybe I can officially be bilingual. (Wait, does speaking "Toddler" or "Cat" count?)

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, all.


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