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>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boy, do I lead an exciting life!

Oh, no. Wait. That's not right. I have myself confused with someone else today. Woops! Sorry.

Yep. Boring around here.

If you don't believe me, here are the highlights of the day so far:

I told Toddler to put something back, and he came and patted me on the back instead.

I did laundry. In fact, I'm still doing it. Yep. Once you get past the part about the socks getting lost in the interdimensional portal we call the dryer, there is nothing funny left to say about laundry.

I killed four spiders today, all of them in my kitchen, but none of them were the baby-eating kind, nor were they the "cricket" kind from a few weeks ago. Thank goodness for small favors. Yesterday Big Black Cat and Houdini did team up to catch another cricket-type jumping creature in the family room, but this one was much smaller and rather handily dispatched by them. DH discovered what they were toying with and had the enviable job of cleaning up the pieces. Yep. There is a limit to what my sensibilities want to deal with at the end of the day.

Toddler has a little friend "Bigger Toddler". Bigger Toddler's parents are going nuts because Bigger Toddler has entered into the "Why" phase. I am slightly jealous because if we were in the "Why" phase that would mean we would have graduated from the "Noooooo!!!!! NO!" phase. On the other hand, the "Why" phase has great annoyance potential, so Bigger Toddler' s mother has my sympathy. Some of her friends on Facebook were speculating how long it would be before she used the dreaded response, "Because I said so." I suggested to her that she use my sister's stock phrase, "That is not a 'Why' question," instead. Sure, my sister's answer is far less catchy, but it has the added benefit of not lighting the mother's tongue on fire when she says it.

Moving on to other forms of speaking, Toddler and I were covering the ground of animal sounds, as in, "What does a pig say?" I have no idea of how much he knows as a general rule, and he always surprises me. Today we got up to Sheep. What does a sheep say. His response? "Um ... wow?" Why yes! I heard a sheep say, "Wow" just last night in response to how fast DH fell asleep. Remarkable.

Earlier today DH and I both sheepishly confessed to one another that we have each nearly lost Toddler in the commode by forgetting to put the potty seat on, and we both felt some relief that we weren't alone in nearly sinking our only child butt first.

I did my impression of a crazy old fashioned woman by scrubbing the kitchen on my hands and knees. (Yes, again. I haven't learned a thing.) Even better, I scrubbed part of the dining room, too. Then I threatened to disown any member of my family that messed up either room, and I felt, oddly enough, like a sit com star when I said it.

Yep. Nothing interesting or funny going on around here.


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