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>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love my cats. I really do. Of course I do, otherwise I would not be allowed to have the title "Crazy Cat Lady" that I am aspiring to obtain in my dotage. (Thirty-something women are not allowed to have that title, so I'm still waiting. By the time I'm old enough, the cats will probably all be gone, but, as my fellow blogger Cat Lady Larew has noted, you don't have to have a lot of cats (or any) to be a Crazy Cat Lady.) Every once in awhile, though, one of those furry creatures has a day or night that makes me wonder whether I should rethink this aspiration.

This time, the culprit was Big Black Cat. Normally, when Big Black Cat decides it is his turn to sleep on the bed, I'm relieved. Of all the three of them, he is the least problematic. He doesn't try to knead my arm in the middle of the night, nor does he try to sleep next to my head. Once his evening bath is done, he's a pretty stable kitty that doesn't bother anyone much. Last night, though, at about 3:30 in the morning, he decided he was hungry. Very hungry. My first clue was when he started climbing my chest and purring in my face. My second clue was when he started sucking on my finger like when he was a kitten newly weaned from the bottle.

So, like any long-time married spouse, I woke up the other half. "Did you feed the cats?"

"Yes," came the muffled reply.

"Did you fill the water dish?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Big Black Cat is starving."

"I'll go check the food dishes."

As it turns out, Big Black Cat was suffering from an old kittenhood problem. He either forgot where he left his food, or he just didn't want to go downstairs alone. I hate it when he does that. Of all the kittenhood habits, he had, this was the second most annoying. (The most annoying happened because of his kitten allergies. Multiple times a day, Little Black Cat would sneeze, but his kitten food was a touch too rich, and every time he sneezed he farted too. Woah, he was rough to be around before we got that fixed. I'm so glad that problem is gone.)

Personally, I think the problem all started with Houdini whispering from the hallway about fresh chicken hearts and liver or something, and waking up Big Black Cat, who then woke up me, who then woke up DH. Why? Because literally seconds after DH and Big Black Cat left the bed, Houdini hopped up and took Big Black Cats nice warm sleeping spot. He apparently didn't get to keep it, though, because when I woke up this morning, Big Black Cat was back and Houdini was nowhere to be seen.

Between Big Black Cat's hunger attack, and Toddler's early morning, "MOMMY! DADDY! I HAVE TO GO POTTY!" sleep was in short supply this morning.

Someday I will get Toddler back by showing all the pictures I posted about him to his prom date. He will then get me back by selecting my nursing home. It's the cycle of life.

I'm getting Big Black Cat back right now, though. Here is a video I snuck of him the other day trying to defend his house. This is the kind of video that only a cat mom can watch the whole way through. That isn't because it is totally boring ... it's just because I don't have any video software to cut it down to only the funny 20 second part that starts at about 30 seconds in. (Hint, hint for those of you inclined to buy me Christmas presents....)

Click below to view the video. If the video is too dark or the video isn't working, click on either the smaller picture below, or the link to see the video in Photobucket (this will open a new window, so you will have to click back to this one when you are done).



See, a few seconds of it were pretty funny. Imagine how much funnier it would have been if I had had editing software.


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