A New Look on an Old Profession? Maybe?

>> Friday, November 6, 2009

Yesterday I was flipping through Facebook's Networked Blogs application, examining some of the blogs that Networked Blogs thinks might be similar to mine.

I found this pretty interesting post written by a woman who claims to offer instruction on "How to be a Cat Lady Without the Cats." Since I am well on the way to becoming a crazy cat lady myself (with the cats, of course), I was intrigued and took a look, and sure enough, she spoke to me. (Yes, she knew about me and was writing a post JUST TO ME! Well, not really.)

CatLadyLarew has a theory that all humor bloggers are really just massive attention seekers, and that is why we write blogs. Or, to paraphrase her real idea in squeaky clean language, we are all practicing the world's oldest profession over the internet -- blogger style -- without any of the visuals or erotic language. I encourage you to take a look and get a chuckle. You can find the post at:

http://networkedblogs.com/p15009490 or


I have to admit, CatLadyLarew has confessed something I have been embarrased to admit out loud. I publish my blog and link it in Facebook because I want you to read it. If I were just writing solely to please myself, I would have written it in a diary or in my head and left it at that. But, no ... I want to know I made you chuckle today. (If I didn't, feel free to keep your opinions to yourself, if you'd like. (grin)) Come to think of it, I think lots and lots of my friends on Facebook are little mini-narcissists themselves. After all, we put up status updates about ourselves ... why? So people will read them. If we didn't want the attention, we would ... not be posting status updates for one thing. We would all just still be emailing.

So, thanks to all of you who follow me, post comments, and read regularly. You are a salve to my exposed ego and you help me stay brave. Thanks, too, to those great masses of you who don't formally "follow," who don't post comments, but still read. At least, I like to think you are out there and not fig newtons on the dessert tray of my imagination. (Hey, it's a house with small children. We do fig newtons, not creme brulee -- much less messy.)

Thanks, too, to CatLadyLarew for busting us all.


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