What If ...

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We've spent some time wondering, "Why". For a change of pace, I thought we'd explore "What if."

1. What if Murphy were a Presbyterian? Instead of Murphy's Law being "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong," the Law would be,"Anything that can go wrong has already gone wrong, you just don't know it yet." (DH says I stole this one, but I thought I made it up. Apologies to any uncited sources I may have read in my sleep.)

2. What if parallel universes really do exist? Then we're in trouble, because anything that can go wrong has gone wrong somewhere, and even worse, in at least one place everything that can go wrong has all gone wrong at once.

3. What if you were Schrodinger's Cat? Talk about stress.

4. What if Douglas Adams was right, and mice really are super intellgent, pan-dimensional beings?

5. What if you put hand sanitizer on dirt and swish it around. Is it still dirty? What if you coat the dirt-streaked toddler's hands with it?

6. What if what just happened to me takes longer to explain than the 140 characters Twitter allows?

7. What if someone actually did invent a pet-translator? Would we still think we domesticated the cat?

8. What if all those people who love Renaissance Faires had to smell an authentic Renaissance village? Would they still love it then?

9. What if we had to use each and every one of our kitchen gadgets at least twice a year? What would we cook?

10. What if we had to wear everything in our closest regularly? Would we finally clean our closets?

11. And for all of you stay at home parents, what happens if Phineas and Ferb move next door?

I think that's enough brain stretching for now.


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