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>> Friday, July 17, 2009

You know, so far I've had a pretty good day. I've met no particularly annoying or unsually stupid people today. In fact, I've met primarily smart and helpful people today. It seriously made me think about moving further out into the 'burbs, but then I'd have that much more traffic to deal with.

I haven't cooked anything, so I couldn't get it wrong. Toddler is playing well today, although he is driving his toy bus on the screen door, which is annoying but not terribly destructive. There is no funk to find. The guy who was supposed to pick up my equipment between 1:30 and 4:30 actually arrived at the beginning of the window, seemed pretty smart, and was very nice.

I'm actually thinking this might be a Seinfield kind of blog day -- a whole entry about nothing at all.

I did learn this morning that it isn't the shower that is waking up Toddler an hour earlier than he used to. This must just be some body chemistry thing, because everyone took a shower early and he woke up at the same time. This means I had better get used to earlier mornings or break down and give the kid the keys to the TV remote.

I mean, let's face it. I don't do "wake up" well. It isn't mornings, specifically. It is the act of waking up that I stink at. I read somewhere that this is a condition known as "sleep inertia" that I was supposed to outgrow sometime before puberty, but I guess I'm defective. Trust me, it doesn't help to give it a name. Anyway, all I know is that the first half hour after I open my eyes (whether morning, nap, or middle of the night screech fest from Toddler's room -- it doesn't matter), my head hurts, my eyes are blurry, and the cognitive part of my brain absolutely refuses to kick in. My Mom tells me I was the only little kid she knew that didn't want to get up for Christmas morning. The bad news is it looks like Toddler will be the same. Every time he wakes up, he cries. Yes, son, I feel like crying, too -- so why are you putting both of us through it so early in the morning???????? Nobody is telling YOU to get up, so why cry in MY ear?

I actually caught him peeking around the corner into my room this morning to see if I was awake or not. Trust me, after listening to him try to open door for 10 minutes before actually figuring it out, I was awake. I shudder to think what he would have done if he thought I wasn't awake. Hopefully I won't find out anytime soon.

But truthfully, we had a pretty efficient day. We had an appointment in the early afternoon, but before that we managed to complete five (yes five) errands PLUS a stop at the playground for two quick slides before our appointment.

The only question left in my mind is whether this is a well-deserved payment for yesterday, or whether I'm paying it forward for tomorrow.


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