Who's a Secret Agent?

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

I am beginning to develop a secret fear that I am my own Manchurian Candidate. Maybe I, the paragon of Order and Organization am a brainwashed secret agent.

Tell me what you think. Just a few moments ago, I was on the way to the kitchen to get a cleanser for some stubborn spots on the carpet. Somehow I lost my way, fixed a noisy piece of electronics, added water to a plant, and found myself on the Wii Balance Board doing a weigh-in. Only then did I realize that I never did clean the carpet.

Yesterday morning, Darling Husband and I agreed, out loud, and definitively, that when he got home we would vacuum the furniture for our periodic de-catting. (This is easier done with two people.) It would be our contribution to progress that day. When he got home, he asked me what we were going to do that evening. (This is not a surprise. It is part of our marriage contract that I do the remembering.) I, surprisingly, had no recollection of any earlier conversation, and we spent the evening loading boxes into the attic and playing Wii Fit. (Is it me, or are we starting to see a pattern, here?) I failed to recall anything about the de-catting until after we were in bed.

So ... is it me? Or is it the Wii? One of us is not who or what we seem. It may be that I am the clandestine secret agent out to sabatoge myself, and the Wii is there to help me do *something* at least -- making my body stronger for the fight. On the other hand, the Wii seems to be the root of much procrasination. (See my post earlier on the Wii, where I first mentioned that I postponed cleaning something in favor of playing Wii Fit. I have only now noticed the connection.) Perhaps it is the Wii that is subliminally calling me away from my responsibilities. Oddly enough, if I had to be an electronic sabateur, I would have voted for Facebook, not the Wii, but these secret agents can be quite sneaky in carrying out their evil plots.

And then there is the Toddler. He has a fundamental compulsion to "be involved" during Wii play. He has to be on the Board, with me or instead of me, and he is not afraid to get physical about it. I'm not sure how to interpret this. If the child is on the good side, is he encouraging me (in his childlike way)? Or is he trying to pull me away from the evil Wii enemy? If the child is on the bad side, is he trying to pull me away from the Wii forces of good?

And then there are the cats. I haven't decided which side the cats are on. This could go so many different ways, what with the two original bottle-fed littermates and then the later-added formerly wild cat. At least one of them is not on the side of order, I am certain of that. I am just not certain which one it is, and whether it is the only one.


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