Writer's Block and Sales Pitch

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whenever I am far away from a computer, pen, or paper, I have tremendous ideas for this blog. As soon as I sit down at the computer ... nothing. It all flies out the window. Last night I had two super-fantastic entries all planned out just for you, all 13 of my loyal readers. This morning, all of those wonderful ideas have slid back to the mysterious world of inspiration from whence they came. Of course, I can tell you how entertaining and insightful each of these two entries would have been, and you'll just have to take my word for it.

Ah, my 13 loyal readers. There is a local radio station here that always talks about its 13 "Arbitron Rated Listeners." If my internet were working enough for me to actually do a search, I imagine Google would find me some websites that tell me that Arbitron is some form of research and rating system, and I would further imagine that each Arbitron-rated listener represents a certain segment of the population. (Of course, until we manage to purchase -- and successfully install -- a new modem, I will have to limit myself to simply imagining.) Of course, this local radio station made a big deal about it when its Arbitron rating went from 12 to 13. (That happened to us just yesterday, and I really do mean yesterday this time.) Woo hoo!

I have been trying to figure out what to call my loyal readers. Obviously you can't be Arbitron-rated. It sounds really odd to call you the 13 "self-identified blog-followers." True, perhaps, but odd. So, I was thinking we should call you the "SIBF-Rated Readers." What do you think? Of course, the radio station has a separate loyal listeners club with cool prizes and contests, but I'm only one person and you can't expect too much. (Well, you can expect ... but be prepared for disappointment.) But, if you want to be one of the special SIBF-Rated Readers, just click the "Follow" button to the right of this blog and join our very special group.

Now for a brief bit of seriousness ... and answers to some questions. Yes, I will be adding pictures and other enhancements to this website soon after I get my internet working appropriately, and I will be establishing an email address for you to complain to me about my content. (Of course, all compliments and rave reviews should be made publicly in the Comments section of each entry.) If you haven't noticed yet, I am anticipating publishing a new blog entry each Monday through Friday at 7AM east coast time. Of course, just like Dear Abby, I will from time to time have to take a day off.

And, to make up for you having to read all this serious stuff, there will be another entry posted later today, at 2PM.

Thank you for your attention. At 2PM today we will resume our regularly scheduled programming.


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