Why, Part 3

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

These "why" questions keep on coming.

1. Have you ever seen the hotels known as the Swan and Dolphin at Walt Disney World? Have you ever looked closely at the giant "dolphin" on top of the Dolphin resort? It looks like a fish, not a dolphin. It is missing a fin, and instead it has scales. Unless my education was completely misguided, this statue is definitely NOT a dolphin. So I have to ask, why call the hotel the "Dolphin?" Admittedly, the "Fish" sounds pretty stupid in my opinion, but is it any more stupid then using a fish as the symbol of a hotel called the "Dolphin?" I'm sure curious how this all came about. Did they order the wrong statue and no one ever fixed it in all these years? It really makes me wonder.

2. When I was a kid, I couldn't get the cat to agree to sleep near my pillow if my life depended on it. He wanted the foot of the bed or nothing at all. Now, when I'd just as soon the cat find some other room to sleep in, the cat wants to be under my nose. Why?

3. Why would any manufacturer ever make a child's toy with fabric and stuffing and label it "surface wash only?" Or worse, "spot clean only"?

4. Now, I freely admit that I stole this one from Facebook's Status Shuffle (most of you don't even know what that is!) So, for lack of anyone to credit, I hereby give credit to whichever anonymous author added this to Facebook Status Shuffle. "What was the person who first milked a cow thinking they were doing and what made them decide to drink it?"

5. Why is the handicapped bathroom always the farthest one from the door?

6. Have you ever been up the Heavenly Gondola ski lift in South Lake Tahoe? At the first stop, with the scenic walkway, they have a set of bathrooms. In the handicapped stall (at the back of the restroom, of course), the toilet paper holder has been moved and is now screwed into the divider between the stall. Sound okay to you? Think again. The only way to reach the toilet paper is by getting up off the pot and taking at least one step (or stretching so far that you might as well have taken a step). Yes, in the handicapped stall, you have to walk to reach the paper. Why, I ask you?

7. Dogs will eat anything, whether you want them to or not. Cats, on the other hand, are the pickiest eater on the planet. Why, then, are there about a billion more dog food choices than cat food?

8. If you own a condo on the 18th floor of a building, why do you have to buy flood insurance? If a flood rises to the level of the 18th floor, I think we might be looking at armageddon, not an insurance claim.

9. Why is it that no matter how long you have lived in a town, and no matter how well you know your way around, it all goes out of your head when you try to give someone directions? How many traffic lights is it? I don't know, I never counted. What is the name of the street, and is it before or after the big ugly pink house? I don't know, I just turn.

10. About the scottish bagpipes. In general, just why? (And this is coming from a family that has CDs of bagpipe music. You've got to admit, it is an acquired taste.)


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