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>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

The whole world is busy, I think, except maybe some small village in the middle of some jungle somewhere that hasn't been found by tourists yet. (This is why I was dreaming a little bit yesterday about the leisurely life of the old landed gentry, if you read that post.) On the "busy-scale" though, I have way fewer meetings, appointments, and medical visits than I had even a few months ago, much less a year or so ago.

So why is it no matter how I rearrange my days, everything always has to happen at once? It used to be that everything happened around here on Mondays. We have a friend who comes by twice a month to help with some household projects. She used to come the first and third Monday of the month. Toddler used to have a home care speech therapist visit every Monday too. Obviously, household projects and speech therapy don't often go well together. Monday became harder and harder for our friend, so we just managed to get things changed to the first and third Wednesday of the month. Good. Finally, these two things happen on different days. Well, that lasted a whole week. The next Monday, the speech therapist told me her schedule had changed and she needed to move us to Wednesdays. (Okay, raise your hand if you didn't see that coming.) The weirdest part is that I apparently neglected to tell Darling Husband that everything had switched to Wednesdays because he did me a favor and booked Toddler's dentist appointment on a day when the two of them could go. Sure enough, he picked a Wednesday.

Similarly, I've been trying for months to find a day to take some family members to visit an historic house not far from here. (It has some connection to our ancestors.) After much planning and thinking and phonecalls, we settled on the only Saturday all summer that worked for everyone. In the meantime, Darling Husband's family was working on an equally difficult project to get all of THEIR family to a local amusement park. Of course, they pick the exact same Saturday. (OF course they did. In my life, what else could possibly happen?) Never fear. Never fear. I managed to move my side's trip to the house back to Sunday so all fits. Yep. All fits.

Then Toddler's doctor calls. The only available appointment for him at the specialist that is far away and hard to get to is the Friday before the amusement park (which is the Saturday before the historic house). OF COURSE it is. OF COURSE we will run around like mad fellows with three essentially day long trips back to back to back. How else could it have possibly worked out?

You may think this phenomenon is just a phase we are going through, but I beg to differ. I have been struggling with this for at least two solid years. Every week I would have a conversation with Toddler's old therapist (no longer works here) who used to ask, "Can we begin seeing him on Thursdays?" Every week I would reply, "No, he has a standing appointment every Thursday in another county. Its a long drive, and I don't think we can manage both in the same day." I'm not sure what was more puzzling, that her only open day was the same only open day for the other office, or that she couldn't seem to remember this from week to week.

Our summer vacation plan to go out of town (the only days available, of course) completely coincide with other family and friends coming INTO town for the week. Say it with me ... OF COURSE they do.

I'm hoping that Dr. Michio Kaku will soon be explaining this phenomenon on Sunday nights on the Science Channel. Maybe figuring this out will be the key to solving the problems surrounding the theory of time travel.


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