No seriously ... why again?

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

The time has come to add some more imponderables for your consideration. These are the things that make me say, "Why? No, seriously, why?"

1. Welcome stations. What is the purpose of putting a welcome station 20 or more miles inside a state line? Why would they not want to welcome you as soon as you arrive? Are they afraid you will walk off with all their brochures and not really stay in the state? Is the 20 miles to make sure you are really serious?

2. Hashbrowns. Why, no matter how much fat and grease you are willing to use, is there no way to make hashbrowns that taste as good as McDonalds? This is especially unfair when this is the only table food you are certain your toddler will eat consistently and McDonalds stop selling them at 10 AM.

3. Noise. How is it that the toddler who can sleep through anything and can shriek loud enough to wake the neighbors in the next hotel complex is afraid of a train whistle?

4. Noise, part 2. Is it true that the loudest thing on the planet is two toddlers giggling at each other? Is it true that the second loudest thing on (or near) the planet is an airplane full of high school students?

5. This isn't a why bullet, but it is funny. Scene: A man and a young man sit in a booth at a pizza joint. Man says to young man, "I thought you wouldn't eat old pizza. What happened?" Young man responds, "I'm in college now."

6. Weather. Why is the temperature always better wherever it is I just came from? In my home town the weather is 83. Here it is 64.

7. Energy. Why is it that the young children always have so much more energy than their parents?

No, seriously, why?

8. Drinking. Why is it that the child who refused to drink anything all day dives for the wine glass as soon as the adult sets it (full) on the table?

Pardon me, but I need to go get a paper towel now.

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