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>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Something has gone backwards in our house today. I went in to Toddler's room and found Houdini sleeping on Toddler's bed. (This hasn't happened before, although I don't honestly know why.)

Then, when Toddler went in to take his nap, he asked if he could sleep on the floor instead. More than once I've found Toddler sound asleep behind his door, in a perfect location to get smacked in the head by the door when I decide to come into his room. I've taken to opening the door very, very slowly so as not to give him a concussion.

I must have the weirdest family.

Girl Cat's favorite sleeping places are: 1. DH's chest, 2. our bed, 3. any pile of clean laundry she can find, and 4. (which still baffles me), Toddler's changing pad. (I so don't get that.)

Beds I can understand. I haven't met a cat yet that doesn't want to sleep on his person's bed at least part of the time. This is why the doors to our guest bedrooms are always closed. But on the laundry? I understand the fascination with DH's dirty socks (well ... so to speak) because they smell like him. It's the same reason that Girl Cat starts fawning all over DH when he comes in from mowing the lawn or chopping wood. He smells. She thinks he smells good. When he smells like that, she can have him. (I'm not thrilled with the dirty socks, either, so as far as I'm concerned she can have them too. I just wish she'd share the laundry some times ....)

Houdini and Big Black Cat have taken to sharing the back of the couch -- both the one I allow them on and the one I don't allow them on. I'm not all that thrilled about their sleeping places, and I'm always chasing them off the "good" couch, but I am thrilled that they've stopped trying to beat each other up. This is a good thing.

Me? I occasionally nap on the couch, but I'm really a recovering insomniac and pretty much stick to a regular bed. DH comes from a long line of family members that can sleep anywhere, at anytime, on very little notice. I've never been able to do that. I'm waiting to see which way Toddler pans out. He can sit in bed and talk to himself for literally hours before giving up and falling asleep, but he can also fall asleep on the floor, or sideways in his bad with his feet hanging off. The jury is still out on this one. Let's just say he snores a lot like Daddy. (I don't know if he snores like me because I very seldom hear myself snore.) Heck, even one of the cats snores around this house.

Yep. That's one weird family.


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