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>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've done it. I have finally discovered the secret to great soups. Here I was thinking that it had something to do with base ingredients, lots of salt or spice, fresh off the restaurant stove, or something else I wasn't doing.

And then I remembered my mother and my grandmother making soup in my mom's kitchen (over and over again) each year when I was young. I remember thinking that soup was pretty crappy. (Hey, I was young.) Maybe it was that the kind of soups they liked to make most -- split pea and black bean -- were not huge favorites of little kids. Maybe it was that my mother never salted the chicken soup when she made it.

Maybe it was just that none of us had discovered the secret yet.

The secret is that really good soup comes in a bread bowl.

Yes, it is that simple. I've discovered that anything tastes better in a bread bowl.

You doubt me? Well, I've proven it. See, I had some of that wonderful Panera soup in a bread bowl, but I was too full to eat the bowl. So, for supper, I made some ramen-type (shrimp flavor) and dumped that in the leftover bread bowl. The verdict? The noodles tasted the same, but boy did that broth improve the minute it soaked into the bread.

Soup ... it's all about the bread.

I'm thinking I could open up my own "Soup Nazi" kitchen here in Virginia. I can serve as many different soups as I can find on the shelf at Big Lots, and I just have to procure enough bread bowls to serve them in. Bread bowls will be mandatory, to hide the fact that I'm using generic condensed soup, and I should rake in the dough.

So ... let's see ... if we are keeping track, I think that makes ... 3 ... yes, 3 major money-making ideas I have had this week. I suggested the waterproof hoodie with rain mask (Nike/Champion, I'm still waiting for your call). I suggested drive through pizza, and I figured out how to sell soup and make millions.

I'll sell you all of these ideas for a mere negotiated percentage of your profits.

Just give me a call.


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