More Things I Have Learned

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Near the beginning of my attempt at blogging, I posted about "Things I Learned on Vacation". I thought the time had come for me to share a similar post.

1. I learned that if I ignore the "Descale" light on my coffee pot, then after a mere 2 cups of coffee, the ominous red light will begin to blink. I strongly suspect that a verbal countdown and subsequent explosion will be next, but I don't intend to learn that.

2. As you may have noticed, I have finally learned how to create hyperlinks in my blog. Now you can see all the irritating light blue text where I think there are key words that you might want to click on to see prior posts mentioned in (or implicated by) these words. Woo hoo! Even better, I have been going back to older posts and inserting these hyperlinks in all my old posts. So far I've only gotten as far as mid-July, but I am trying ....

3. I learned that I have a surprisingly high tolerance for loud obnoxious flowers that sing, "You Are My Sunshine" as well as for certain CDs of children's music. I learned that I have almost no tolerance for children that try to climb me after I said, "Please wait a moment" when they asked to be picked up.

4. I learned that Toddler has an insatiable appetite for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and for coloring with crayons.

5. I also learned what my father must have been feeling when he found crayon on the white walls of my childhood home.

6. I have learned that if I call a hamburger "meat" Toddler will eat it. If I call it a "hamburger" he won't. Similarly, I have learned that if I call anything "meat," Toddler will eat it, but that trick is fast losing its effectiveness. Just last week DH tried the trick by giving Toddler rice and veggies and saying, "there is meat in there." There wasn't. Toddler ate it, but for the next bite said, "I want the meat, not the no meat."

7. On a similar note, I have learned that Toddler is serious when he says he doesn't want any bites of bananas (although he loves banana puree). After finding a banana piece Grandma stuck in his yogurt, Toddler took Grandma's hand and said, "Grandma, no nanas."

8. I learned that Toddler has better rhythm than DH. DH has noticed this, too.

9. I learned that Toddler can understand "bad" words even when mumbled around a toothbrush and whispered under the breath.

10. I also learned that there are times when Toddler will cry in a whisper when he thinks he's supposed to be quiet. I strongly suspect that these cries are fake, but I haven't actually learned that yet.

I'm sure I will continue to learn more each and every day.


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