Ten Things that Make Me Happy

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today, we will be talking about Ten Things that Make Me Happy.  If you want to know why, please see yesterday's post where I offer a nice, long-winded explanation.  If you don't want to know what makes me happy, feel free to blame @kailexmummy and her blog because she made me do it.

So, what things make me happy?  I am proud to say that a lot of things make me happy.  In fact, you might even go so far as call me "easily amused."  Perhaps some people would think "easily amused" is not a compliment, but think about it from my perspective -- I'm happy.  I don't care if you don't understand why.  :-)  You should be lucky to be as easily amused as I am.

To begin with, we have the (now obligatory) potty comments:

1.  I am happy when I can spend an entire day without being peed on, or cleaning pee, poop, or hairballs from the floor from any species of animal.  I am especially happy when I don't step in any of the above, regardless of whether I am the one who actually has to clean it.

2.  I am happy when I can spend more than 2 and 1/2 seconds in the bathroom without seeing someone try to turn the doorknob and yell, "I want in!"

Okay, now that we have taken care of that obligation, let's move on to more general stuff:

3.  Disney World makes me happy.  Epcot may be the neatest place on the planet.  The Beach Club is pretty neat, too, as is the Marriott World Center, which is very, very, very close by.  (You can't walk, but it's darn close.)  Whoever says that Disney is for kids has never done a wine flight in Italy, Germany, and then France.  The Food and Wine Festival is a dangerous place if you plan on driving anywhere.

4.  Japanese steak houses make me happy.  There is just something about watching people flame onions near my eyebrows that makes the beef and shrimp taste divine.  Even Toddler agrees.  Heck, he'll eat more vegetables in one meal (with chopsticks no less) at one of those places than he normally manages to choke down in an entire week.

5.  I have never tried this, but I am absolutely convinced that a swim-up bar would make me extremely happy -- particularly if a waterfall is involved.  Don't try to convince me I'm wrong ... I'm just smiling away thinking about it.

6.  Watching my son eat makes me happy.  No, there is nothing funny about this one. Even I get sentimental once in a great while.  For that matter, telling my son to "be quiet" makes me happy, as does the fact that the ER doctors no longer know me by name and the pediatrician no longer has my phone number memorized.  *sniff, sniff*.  Okay, moving on....

7.  I love my Kindle.  It makes me happy that no one can look in my bag and see how indecisive I am about what books to take on vacation or how disillusioned I am about how much time I'll actually have to read.  I can look normal and still feed my book habit without compromise.

8.  Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi makes me happy.  I know someone will want to tell me about all the reasons why I shouldn't drink it, but good luck with that.  I go through years of my life not drinking or eating anything "bad" for the sake of the children living off my body.  Given my allergies, "bad" includes milk and cheese and ice cream.  So, when I'm feeding only myself, diet soda and champagne are two of the basic food groups.

9. Hot tubs, hot baths, and swimming pools make me happy, especially if there is a loud TV with waterproof remote nearby.  Of course, the TV should ideally be loud enough for me to hear over hot tub bubbles, but not so loud as to annoy anyone else.  Maybe directional speakers.  Yes, that sounds good.  Candles and wine don't hurt either.  The ocean?  Eh, not so much.  I have to share it with too many other life forms.

10.  Football makes me happy.  Going to a Penn State game makes me happy, especially when no one is using the hot tub but me.  I know from experience that absolutely none of you understand this, but it's my story and I am sticking to it.

Now, here is the rub.  I have to tag 10 people to tell their readers about Ten Things that make them happy.  Like I have said before, there is always a catch.  Truthfully, some of you might be annoyed to see your name or blog on this list right now.  I know that.  I'm putting it there because I think maybe you need a reminder of what makes you happy, and because I'm annoying that way.  Go ahead.  Be annoyed.  It's okay.  I'm getting all bossy on your blog and all "here is what you need," and that is most definitely annoying.  For those of you not annoyed ... Hey, cool!

So, here you go.

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I'm happy now.


Dazee Dreamer May 13, 2010 at 9:58 AM  

I love my e-reader. No one can tell what book you are reading. That makes me happy. I love to "check them out" from the library anytime day or night and return them just as easy. aaahhh, live is good

Karin Kysilka May 22, 2010 at 6:20 PM  

I need to look into this library thing. But then, I spend so much time renewing the physical books, I can only guess what will happen if I have digital ones too....

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