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>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the past few months, this blog has gained a bit more diverse set of followers ... at least from what I can tell from reading the comments you leave and the blogs you write.

So, I'm going to try touching on a topic that was resoundly ignored the last time I tried it ... football.  No, don't fear.  I'm not going to try to revive Football Wednesdays after y'all killed it off. Well, at least I'm not going to try to do that in April.  However, I am sitting here, watching the NFL Draft, and I can't restrain my football twitching fingers.  (I know -- ancient history to you, but bear with me.  I'll bring it home.)

It's the Draft -- only the most diehard can even stand it.  But watching the coverage briefly on the NFL Network before (thankfully) switching to ESPN got me thinking.  I don't often watch the NFL Network, and I'm not very fond of the announcers they have going on ESPN tonight, but let's face it, ESPN has a steadier camera tonight, they are filtering out the background music and noise better, and they have a bell ringing every time the Commisioner is about to speak.  Already, this set up is better.

Still, I am dreaming of the mythical day that will never happen -- the day when prior NFL players hang up their microphones and turn the chairs over to the likes of Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Curso.  Aside from the fact that I prefer college ball over pro ball in the first place, I just like ESPN's analysis on College Game Day.  (I confess, I liked it better when Game Day was only an hour.  Two hours seems to have made them a little weak on coverage and a little long on filler.) 

Now here is the really controversial part.  The difference between College Game Day and Fox Sports is like the difference between a New Year's Eve Party and a fraternity party.  In one there is a lot of alcohol, a lot of fun, some smart talk, some smart ass talk, and a little lip locking.  In the other, there is a a lot of beer in plastic cups, dirty bathrooms, a lot of belching, and a lot of talk about lighting farts on fire.  I love me some football, but I can do without the fart talk.

I will keep this one short.  Already I have given enough for the true fans to talk about for weeks to come in the ongoing debate of "college versus pro".  If you grew up an Eagles fan (go Iggles!) and then eventually landed in 'Skins territory, you might think pro ball didn't have that much to offer either.  But hey, look!  I lost McNabb only to ... gain McNabb.  I'm trying hard to figure out if I care on behalf of either team, but I think I really don't.  After all, McNabb will be on the bench for three quarters of the season with injuries no matter where he plays. 

Oh, well.  Larry Johnson is coming.  Good old Penn State Blue and White coming "home".  Maybe I'll become a 'Skins fan after all. 

Then again ... maybe not.


(PS -- guys, football guys, you know who you are ... please send me some comment love on this one!)


Anonymous July 9, 2010 at 5:55 PM  

is it too late to throw you some comment love on this one?

i enjoyed your takes. i assume you meant that ESPN gameday was the college party, correct?

i love the emotion of college, but love the pro game equally, just in a different way. both are fun to bet on, but pro is easier for me.

it's a sad day, though, as my beloved vols suffered an off-the-field black eye that will likely leave a hangover for some time to come here in mudville...

Karin Kysilka July 9, 2010 at 8:41 PM  

I don't know, John. I think watching Terry Bradshow, Howie Long, and the rest of them sitting around laughing at each other reminds me of a fraternity party.

In my mind, Herbstreit and Curso have a lot more analysis in their analysis. (Notice how carefully I do not mention Desmond Howard in that grouping. His primary contribution is to bring everything back to the year he won the Heisman Trophy and how he managed it.)

As for black eyes, the PSU 2007 squad had some similar troubles, and Coach sentenced them to clean the stadium. No one remembered anything but the cleaning the stadium part by October

Clark Kent's Lunchbox July 16, 2010 at 9:07 AM  

Hmmm... FOX vs ESPN, gotta go with ESPN here. The commentary is more insightful if that's possible to say--maybe that's too strong a word?

And Penn State! How could I forget Penn State as a native "Quaker." I grew up on the Nittany Lions! Joe P is awesome! They're my number two behind UT Longhorns (my alma mater). But if it came down to a choice between coaches, Joe would win every time.

Still, as a Pennsylvanian I ironically can't stand Terry Bradshaw, so one more vote against FOX. Of course, living in Texas, I hate the Cowboys too.

Oh well.

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