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>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

So much of what is out there, on the news, and even in "non-news" social media posts is enough to make even the most optimistic of us give up on laughter.

I could, without a lot of effort, find a blogger that will make me feel bad about feeding my child anything in a box, letting him drink milk, not letting him drink milk, making him eat vegetables or fruit when he doesn't want to, letting him eat anything but vegetables or fruit, carrying him, not carrying him, potty training him before he is 3, not potty training him before he is 3, dressing him in synthetic substances, letting him cry, not letting him cry ... and basically every other parenting decision I might want to make. In fact, the hyper-critical environment among parents has even itself become the subject of blog entries.

All of this is *almost* enough to make me write a serious post about respect and choices ...

But that would be work 'cause then I'd have to respond to all that hate mail.

So, where does a humor blogger go to get away from all the intensity?

I go here to a website my cousin sent.  This would be my real cousin, not my sister I call a cousin to spare her identity, or a friend I call a cousin to explain something or other.  No, this is my gen-u-ine Texas-lovin' cousin.  Hi, there, cuz! *waves in the general direction of Texas.*

Love 'em, or hate 'em, I think you will enjoy this website Stuff On My Cat.  Take a look and check out all the links.  I guarantee, one of them will make you chuckle.  Don't be afraid to look at the link "Naughty Stuff on My Cat."  It isn't what you think.  There is no beastiality on this website ... at least if it was there, I missed it.

When I first saw this website, I was still working, and I used to flip through it every time some jerk called me up to yell at me.  My husband loved it so much we got a calendar for home, and he has been crying every Christmas since then that I didn't get him another one.  I suppose some family members could take some notes right about now.

Big Black Cat was rather a bit offended by this website, I must add.  He believes the founder got it wrong, and the proper way to think of the subject is, "Cat on My Stuff" not "Stuff on My Cat."  He even encouraged me to be sure to buy the domain name "Cat on My Stuff" so he could rectify the situation.  At the time, the domain was available.  Since then, I am sad to say, someone stole Big Black Cat's idea and has created Cat on My Stuff.  Although there isn't a whole lot to the site it seems, as if they are on the right path.  I think Big Black Cat will approve.

And, for those of you skeptical or too lazy to bother to click, I leave you with an example at the bottom of the page.  The real funny part is that all the previews are to the same picture, so no matter which one I pick to link to, we just end up with a cat with a frog on its head.  Heh.  Hey!  I used to have a frog like that!  Wait a minute... Mom?  Mom?  You remember that frog ... oh, never mind.

So, I guess this post is a Shout-Out of sorts, to a random website I like, and to a cousin in Texas. *waves again.*

PS -- hey, cuz, if you have any more like that, send 'em on!


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