More Seeing is Believing

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whew! What a past few days. I have felt like such a clutz lately. For some strange reason, every time I pick up the diaper bag or my make up bag, one of the compartments is always not quite zipped right, and everything falls everywhere. Plus, for some reason, I keep finding all these Christmas decorations around...

Wait a minute.

Why are you all nodding and smiling at me?

Yes, I can see you. I'm talented that way.

You are all nodding and smiling at me, and I'm finding it rather creepy.

What's that? I already told you all this stuff yesterday?

Um ... okay ... if you say so. Moving on then...

Last week I told you about the day Darling Husband went to the store for me, and snapped some pictures, while I stayed home for the joyous event of Toddler peeing on his bedroom carpet. Remember that?

Okay, all this nodding and smiling is really getting creepy, folks.

But anyway, while Darling Husband was out, he stopped by a local parking lot to grab this pic for you.


Before I go on, take another look at the picture. Notice anything odd? (Hint -- look at the road, not the car.)

Did you see it?

The lane arrows point right, and straight ... but there is no straight. This is a "T" intersection, and "straight" leads straight into those trees.

I swear to you, this is a real intersection, leading on to a real, public street, in a real town. There is no hidden driveway ahead, I am not making this up, and I did not doctor this photo. (Okay, I did crop it so you can see the arrows, but that's it.)

I cannot even come up with any even remotely pithy explanation for this scene. When I first noticed it I was so stunned I thought I was seeing things, and Darling Husband didn't even really believe me when I told him about it.

The only thing I can say that even comes close to explaining this is that there must be something really odd about the parking lot, because this is the same lot where I took the picture of the guy who really couldn't park.

Yes ... this picture has even taken my words away.


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