Girl Cat Has A Bad Day

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday I described to you how Girl Cat got stuck in Toddler's room. Later, I found her pouncing at the sliding glass doors trying to get the ice that was falling from the roof. For a few seconds, she had me concerned she was actually going to forget there was a door and try to open it with her head.

She told me she was just trying to work off the stress of trying to keep away from Toddler in a very small room without a lot of hiding places. I mean, I deliberately kept hiding spaces in that room to a minimum so I wouldn't have to hunt long for Toddler, but who knew this would cause Girl Cat some trauma?

Then, to add frosting to her bitter cake, I wouldn't let her into the spare room to hide under the bed. Well, to hear her tell it, I kicked her down the hall for offering to help put stuff away. I'll admit there was a bit of foot nudging involved, and I had to scooch her away more than once because Girl Cat is ... well ... stubborn is a good word. But I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "kick". No, there was no force involved -- just nudging.

Finally, as if the day wasn't disappointing enough, Girl Cat's favorite person on the whole planet (Daddy) came home from work, ate dinner, and then went out again for some electronic, audio, geeks only community service thingy. He didn't even build Girl Cat a fire to sit near.

The Christmas Tree went away, and I think she still misses it, proudly rolling in any stray pine needle she can still find.

Later that evening, as we were crawling in to bed to watch a video (about Egypt, if you were curious), Girl Cat pounced up on bed and told Darling Husband she had HAD ENOUGH! He was going to PET HER, and RIGHT NOW! And she promptly began kneading the heck out of her stuffed dog and drooling on it.

Yes. My cat has a stuffed dog. Ironic, isn't it?

Anyway, we were resoundly meowed at and instructed to pay attention to the part about Egyptians worshiping cats and to take note. Plus, we were never, ever, ever to lock her in Toddler's room again (which, she reminded us, used to be her room before there was a Toddler). After all, how many choruses of "It's the Mickey Mouse, Clubhouse!" can one cat stand from one Toddler in a short amount of time? (And why didn't I come faster to get her, by the way?)

After that haranguing, she gave Houdini a swat for good measure and started a wrestling match with Big Black Cat that involved a complex set of rules including running into and out of the walk in closet at full speed.

Thus endeth the bad day of Girl Cat.


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