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>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's topic (and title) The Silliest Act comes courtesy of The Crazy Hip Bloggers and their "Write Out Loud" Wednesday themes.

Now, I've known about this theme for nearly a week, and I have been waiting for the big brick called, "Inspiration" to smack me on the head. So far ... nothing. I don't even hear the whistling of a falling brick anywhere in the distance.

I'm still hoping ...

Nah. It's not coming. I'm going to have to do this one the hard way. Rats.

Okay. What do we mean when we say, "Silly"? Well, I usually mean one of two things. I either mean, "That's silly," as in, "that's ridiculous, and you are making an a%% of yourself, or, "You're being silly," as in, "that's charmingly cute."

We have a Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Express that tells us to, "Please remain silly while the train is in motion." By this, I presume Mickey means the "charmingly cute" version. Mickey has also filmed a television episode called, "Mickey's Silly Switch" in which I think they intended that the various toys and people act charmingly cute, but (in my humble opinion), they get quite an attitude and cross the "silly" line into some other arena.

But what would be the "Silliest Act"? In some ways, this entire blog talks about people doing silly and ridiculous things. I mean, I'm still hung up on Pluto becoming an un-planet. Plus, someone mentioned to me (in the comments to that post), that there is no such thing as a Brontosaurus anymore. I have no idea how I missed that scientific reclassification, but had I known, I would have been very upset, I'm sure. I haven't looked into the reasoning for the Brontosaurus, but if it's anything like Pluto, I think both of these might have a lot of votes for the Silliest Act.

Then, of course, you have my various "Why" posts. Not all of them refer to people doing Silly Acts, but some of them sure do. Take a look. (I'll spare you all the links back in furtherance of my New Year's Resolution (yet another link, I know)). Of course, it goes without saying that most of the things I do that end up in this blog are someone's candidate for the Silliest Act, but I won't go there. If you want to nominate one of those, write your own post for The Crazy Hip Bloggers. They'll probably love it. If I went through the list, we'd be linking all over the place for hours.

I was tempted to say that the Silliest Act is the tendency of some people to dramatically overuse the concept of paper plates and plastic utensils, but I think that doesn't actually qualify as one single "act". I might have to make that a separate blog post altogether.

Uh, oh. It seems I have managed to write an entire blog post without really saying anything at all. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Eh, maybe the Silliest Act was me actually starting a humor blog. Hmm. Only time will tell with that one.


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