I'm Very Confused

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm very confused today. I have a permanent set of "puzzled" wrinkles on my forehead. (Yes, those are "puzzled" wrinkles, not any other kind of wrinkles ... well, depending on what time it is, one of them might be an "I'm really annoyed right now" wrinkle.)

Lots of things are causing these wrinkles today. I doubt I'll solve any of them.

First, I have this "thing".

even smaller

I don't know where it came from, other than it showed up with the baby stuff around a year or so ago. Or ... at least ... it got stored with the baby stuff. At first I thought it went to a Toddler toy, but I can't find any toy missing this piece. It's too short to be a piece of a bed rail. It has connections on it, so it obviously is a part of something.

Just for kicks, here is where Toddler has dragged it. I wish he could tell me what he thought it was supposed to do. Or wait. Maybe he thinks it is supposed to do this:


(And ... yes ... that is my shoe in there, too. I don't know why.)

I've been moving this gadget from room to room for months, hoping I would figure out what other gadget was missing it. Now I'm afraid to throw it away bcause as soon as I do, I can guarantee I will figure out why I so desperately need it.

So, I remain confused.

I'm also confused about this:

cropped and smaller

Why, you may ask? What is so confuing about a gas grill? Well, the confusing part is that the gas grill has no cover. During the coldest, nastiest weather of the year, this grill remains naked. Why? I do not know. Darling Husband owns a grill cover. (I say "he" owns it rather than "we" own it because it was a holiday/birthday gift to him.) I cannot find said grill cover, so even if I were inclined to open and use someone else's gift, I couldn't because I don't know where he put it.

So, I remain confused.

I am also a bit confused by this:


What is that, you are asking? Why, it is an air return grate with a wine rack in front of it, of course.

Why is this confusing, you want to know? I'll tell you why. Until recently, this air return grate was held in place by the wine rack. Darling Husband put the grate in the wall around a year or more ago after I complained that we might lose small children and pets down the cavernous hole it covers. Apparently, so he tells me, we had the screws to install it properly, but they weren't part of the package. They were leftovers stored somewhere in the garage. I was going to show you a picture of the garage, but I was too scared to open the door.

So, rather than going into the garage (scary) and finding the screws (admittedly a bit difficult), Darling Husband located the pictured wine rack and shoved it in front of the grate to hold the grate in place. There it stayed for a year until I found it during the annual decking of the halls.

Now, to be fair, during the annual decking of the halls, Darling Husband did go and locate the screws and fix the grate so we could free the imprisoned wine rack, but I can't quite get past the confusion. Was it really so much easier to search and find a piece of furniture to hold the grate on than it was to go find the screws to finish the job?

Was it really?

Sadly, I remain confused.


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