Christmas Eve -- The Day Before The Truce

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am expecting a full-fledged, all out engagement with the forces of Entropy and Chaos. I doubt this incident will be a mere skirmish. The annual Battle of Christmas Eve is always one of our fiercest exchanges, and I would not be the slightest bit surprised if I found mysef barricaded in the kitchen today in a desperate attempt to hold some sort of front against the onslaught.

You see, I have this compulsion that everything must be done, neat, and put away on Christmas Eve because I know I will concede Christmas Day to the forces of Entropy and Chaos. There is no stopping the mess, the hustle, the bustle, the chaos, and the fun of Christmas day, and who would want to? But, because I know I will be conceding the fight for a day (my own version of a Christmas Day Truce), I want to win some ground the day before. Strangely enough, the forces of Entropy and Chaos also fight all the harder to keep me one step behind and moving further from my goal as the hours progress.

Well, I cannot make this a long post, else I will lose today's stuggle in an epic fashion. I must get the house ready for Santa Claus. We need to mop the floors, make cookies, finish wrapping last minute gifts, quickly drop off cards so the postmark is before the big day so no one thinks I'm that lazy, clean out the fireplace so the big guy doesn't get all sooty, and so we can have a nice fire all day long, too, dust off the rooftop and shine the chimney.

I've already done the laundy, done the dishes, made muffins, matched the socks (well, to the extent I can), cleaned out the coupons, and made arrangements to donate old sheets and towels to the local animal rescue group.

Did I miss anything?


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