Days 3 of Baby's Vacation -- Still More Memories From Vacations Past

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, it has been about a week since the snow started falling in earnest. Except for a brief stint to the store last Monday, Toddler and I have been basically snowed in. We wouldn't have even tried to venture out on Monday except the second storm was on its way, and we were out of some necessities for the storm. Specifically, we were out of soda and coffee creamer. Without those two things, I'm not sure we could have survived.

Now, apparently, yet another storm is on its way to us, but we do have a few days reprieve to get ready. This time we need to head to the store for more essentials, like chicken nuggets and applesauce. If you don't think these foods are essential, you don't have a small child.

I suppose, techincally, Toddler and I could have left the house today, or even yesterday. After all, DH had to be at work all this week, except for Monday and Wednesday when he figured it wasn't worth risking his life to save a vacation day. As for Toddler and me, I am guessing that any place we might have wanted to go was either closed or was using the parking lot as a snow storage facility.

So, once again, I find myself returning to dreams of vacations past. Without further ado, I present to you Day 3 of Baby's vacation to Vegas.

Baby’s Travel Log, Day 3, Monday 2/25, transcribed on this, the following Monday:

The morning started out slowly – it took awhile to get going today, what with still trying to figure out where Mom packed everything. I am telling you, we are losing lots and lots of valuable casino time in the mornings. Hasn’t anyone remembered that I am at my most charming in the morning, and the day is going downhill after that? Anyway, somehow Mom’s cell phone got lost from the old hotel to this new time share, and she wasn’t very happy about it. She was also using her Blackberry to talk to folks at work (I thought we left them behind in Virginia!!!!) She decided to have a “conference call” at 9AM, so Dad and I had a nebulizer and had some breakfast. I ate better than any breakfast before. Then all the big people took me to another breakfast at IHOP, where Mom and Grandma split two breakfasts, and there was so much food on the table there almost wasn’t room for another plate. Then Grandma (what a card, this woman needs a stand-up act), asked for someone to roll her out of the restaurant because she was soooo fullll. Or, at least, that’s what they kept repeating in the car, because I actually slept through the whole thing. I mean, by the time we finally GOT to breakfast, I figured it was nap time.

Then, as if we weren’t postponing our vacation long enough already, we went to the grocery store to pick up some necessary stuff (like soda and baby food and napkins and donuts), and while Mom and Grandma were in the store, Daddy and our friend made me try my PMV in the van. HEY! I thought we were on vacation! I didn’t think I was supposed to be doing any speech/breathing therapy on vacation! Let me tell you, this PMV thing is a lot easier when I can watch the bunnies of Bunnytown (and Miss Pinky Pinkerton, the Super Silly Sportscaster on Bunnytown – she’s so pretty I have to smile every time I see her.) ***Editor’s note – a “PMV” is a passy-muir speaking valve for a tracheostomy tube. Many children find it a challenge to learn to use. “Bunnytown” was a wonderful television show on The Disney Channel that, sadly, is no longer on the air. Darn it! I believe you can still find it on iTunes.)***

After all that, Mom, Dad, Grandma and I went to Venice. I mean, we went to the Venetian. It LOOKED like Venice. I got to walk around all the canal stores with first Daddy, then Mommy. Well, actually, Daddy and Mommy did all the walking, and I stayed in my rent-a-stroller. Daddy kept telling me that he was going to figure out a way to get my picture taken with a showgirl – whatever that is. That sounds okay to me – I’ve been flirting with lots of girls on this trip. Daddy is using me to get himself into a whole lot of pictures on this trip, I think.

We went on a boat ride outside in the canal. Mom and Dad thoroughly embarrassed me by changing my diaper and making me moon the Strip before getting into the boat, but that was happening to a lot of babies all around Las Vegas, so I just decided to smile and go with it. The boat driver sang to me – I didn’t like it the first time, but the second song was pretty cool and I tapped my feet and grinned at everybody.

Here are some pictures of Venice – I mean the Venetian. (No, there are no pictures of me mooning the Strip.) If you are wondering why there are very few pictures of Mom, she says to say that she is the one with the camera, and even when she isn’t, she’s the one with the cropping tool. You'll see what I mean.

Baby's Journal Day 3

Baby's Journal Day 3

Baby's Journal Day 3

Finally, after a big day, I got to go home and hang out with our friend. (Whew!) Mom and Dad and Grandma all went out to dinner with some friends and I wasn’t allowed to go. But that is okay, because I got a chance to play games and sleep after skipping lots of my naps.


Well, I don't know what the weather is actually going to be come Monday, but stay tuned for more of Toddler -- I mean Baby's -- travel journal. I figure we should print the rest of it, snow or no snow. After all, its nice to visit the Vegas sunshine, even if only in my mind.


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