Baby's Journal, Days 6 and 7 from the Never-Ending Vacation Diary

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, I'm pretty sure that if you are here reading today, with a title like the one above, you aren't here to listen to me rant about any more weather. You want to go back to Las Vegas with my (formerly) 8 month old.

So, without further ado ...

Baby’s Travel Log, Day 6, Thursday, transcribed on this, the following Tuesday:

Today we went to Circus Circus, a kid friendly casino. I liked it, but I slept, so Mom and Dad said, “what’s the point?” and went to the Bellaggio. We had to cut things short because Mom and Dad and our friend were going to see “O” and I got to stay with Grandma. From what Mom said, I think I was the lucky one, and Grandma was the smart one. Then again, Mom and Grandma aren’t exactly the “Cirque Du Soleil” type, but Daddy sure is. Kinda makes you wonder what they have in common, doesn’t it?

From my perspective, this whole vacation is getting routine. Up in the morning; off to see more shining lights; funny restaurants; home to sleep. Our friend had a big day, though, hitting a couple hundred dollars on the slot machines, lucky dog. Wish I was allowed near those slot machines. I would bang those buttons something fierce!


Baby’s Travel Log, Day 7, Friday, transcribed on this, the following Friday:

Today we got a nice relaxed start. I fooled around with breakfast, then tried my PMV speaking valve for awhile (it seems harder now). Then Mom and Dad put me in the stroller and I got excited because I thought we were going somewhere, but they said, “take a nap”. What a rip off. (We rented a stroller, by the way, from a place called "Mommy Rents". They delivered it to our timeshare on Sunday, along with a highchair, and a pack'n'play and an exersaucer, for a reasonable price. This service is a lifesaver, because I don’t know how Mom would have managed to get it all on the plane.) Eventually I buried my face in my blankie and slept. I woke up on the way to the pool, where I snoozed again as Mom and Dad soaked in the hot tub, then I ate a snack.

Here is a picture of me before we went to the pool, and before I yacked on my shirt and needed a change. This is where I was supposed to "take a nap":

Baby's Journal Day 7 Before the Pool

THEN the fun started. We changed and went to someplace called “Ballys” to look for my showgirl. She wasn’t there today, but we got some tickets to try to go to someplace called “Harrahs” to see her tomorrow. I don’t know if we’ll really go or not, as the tickets were free. They would require Mom and/or Dad and/or the rest of the party to engage in a certain number of “minimum drinks” though. I don’t think after all this time it would be too hard to persuade them to do that.

Anyway, since my showgirl wasn’t at Bally’s, Mom and I walked from Ballys to MGM while Daddy did something about moving the car … or something. It was a long hot walk for me with the sun in my face, and I was really quiet, even though all kinds of people stopped to try to shake my hand or pinch my arm. (Why does everyone want to touch me?)

Baby's Journal Day 7

Here is what the MGM looks like.

Once I cooled off, I took a nap and woke up in a pavilion with Dad where he fed my big empty belly. I got to eat almost a jar of chicken (lots of calories), and I even sipped half an ounce out of a big people cup. That was scary, but we did it. I think I’ve eaten more on this trip then I have in my entire life. I understand a lot of people say that in Las Vegas.

Baby's Journal, Day 7 coffee

(Don't worry, there really wasn't coffee in the cup.)

Then we walked some more, and sat some more, and then I saw the LION cage with Mom while Dad “tried his luck”. The lions were sleeping, but there was a WATERFALL!!!!!! It was so cool. We next walked into a shop where I made friends with the clerk while Mom helped me buy Dad a shirt that had a big lion on it and said, “Here human, human, human.” Mom said it was funny and I would understand someday.

Last, we went to the Rainforest Café, where they had an even BIGGER waterfall. I was so amazed. It was the coolest thing. There were only two not-cool things. These waiters kept screaming “VOLCANO” behind my back and scaring me, but once I saw who they were, I was better. The other problem was that Mom and Dad were eating, and no one was feeding me anything. I kept making hungry faces and crying, but Mom and Dad looked confused. Something about it was only two hours since I ate last, but I didn’t care. They were eating, so I wanted to eat. So, out came the bananas, and I was happy. I like to eat in strange places – Quarks, Rainforest Café, the Farmer’s Market at MGM. I don’t like to eat in normal places. I certainly don’t like to eat at home.

When we were packing to leave, two ladies came up and asked to meet me. One was about to be a grandma, and she said I was the cutest thing she had ever seen. She saw me playing with Mom’s face and hugging her, and she thought that it was adorable and wanted to meet me. So, I smiled at her, and she and her friend went away happy. I am glad I could be of service! Then we went home to see Grandma and our friend and hear all about the Grand Canyon. Sounds like they had a good time too.

Tomorrow we have one last day to fit in everything we need to fit in. Dad is determined to find that showgirl for us to get our picture taken with. I guess we're going to Harrahs. (They have a decent buffet, too, we were told by the guy at Ballys.)

More tomorrow.


And, yes, tomorrow I will bring you the conclusion of this epic saga. Stay tuned.


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