At Last, the Final Installment of Baby's Journal

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, Baby has a lot to say today, so without wasting any time, let's away to Las Vegas in this installment of "Memories of Vacations Past."

Baby’s Travel Log, Day 8, Saturday, transcribed on this, the following Saturday:

Boy, did we try to do a lot today. It didn’t make things easier that I didn’t have good night on Friday. Mom and especially Dad were up quite a bit trying to deal with the monitor that wouldn’t shut up. It looks like things on that end of our life is back to normal. It's a good thing the doctors are certain that I just don't read well on monitors, or everyone would be scared instead of really, really grumpy.

We started out at the Bellagio for brunch, and my parents had toothpicks in their eyes to help prop them up. We had planned to be out all day, and for the first time we remembered everything we needed for an all day trip – change of clothes, the power cord to my suction machine, lots of food, burp cloths … you know. We were going to go to some casinos, then go over to Harrahs to see the magic show and my showgirl at 3, then go to Excalibur at night for a show with real live horses and jousting and stuff. Apparently my Dad loves this sort of thing and I am supposed to “get used to it” so that I’m ready for something called the “Renaissance Faire” this fall. Hmmm.

But, on the way to park at the Bellagio, Dad remembered we forgot something. We had the showgirl tickets, but no Jousting tickets. So, after brunch, Mom and our friend and Grandma and I walked to Caesar’s Palace while Dad drove back. He was planning on parking at Harrahs and meeting us at Caesars. The schedule was a bit hectic, but it was all about this one last chance to find a showgirl in all of Las Vegas. (You’d think this wouldn’t have been so hard.) We were going to try to find her at 1:00, but at brunch we decided that it just wouldn’t work, so we were going to go at 3.

Things seldom work out the way you plan them, though. And if you know my parents, you know this is especially true in their case. While Mom, our friend, Grandma and I started walking to Caesar’s, Dad was trying to get back to the unit and then find us. There was something wrong at the Strip on the way back, though, and he couldn’t get to Harrahs. He had to park at the Venetian and walk to Caesars. Here is what Caesars looks like, if you've never seen it:

Last Day of Baby's Journal

In the meantime, not far from the Bellagio fountain, we found my showgirl, and her sister the showgirl. There they were, walking down the Strip, looking for me! So, instead of Dad and me getting our pics taken with a showgirl, Mom and I did. And, in true good sportsmanship spirit, Dad was okay with this. Of course, Mom won't let you see those pictures, but she will let me show you the pictures of the showgirls with just me.

Baby's Final Journal Entry

Baby's Final Journal Entry

That night, dinner was fun. I got to sit on Mom’s lap and eat what Grandma fed me, then the show started. We were in the front row, and there were all kinds of funky lights, and horses. I wasn’t too sure this was entirely safe. I mean, horses? This close to food? Really? It was the loudest place maybe I’d ever been. I got nervous and cried on Dad’s shoulder a little bit once, but I calmed down when Mom and Dad both hugged me. I wasn’t sure what to do when we had the audience participation song, and we had to keep cheering “Yes, yes, yes,” and ‘No, No, No,” but we did it anyway. From then on, every time the whole room yelled, I looked at Dad. If he was yelling too, I relaxed. But, I had skipped naps, and I was worn out, and it was a bit much. So, right before the finale, Mom took me from Dad and said if I was beating my leg to stay awake, I needed to sleep. I didn’t think I could, but Mom knows the tricks, and I gave up. Apparently I even missed something called “fireworks” inside the building. That would have been pretty cool if I could have seen it. Here is where we were:

Baby's Last Journal Entry

I didn’t quite stay asleep, though. We still had to go to the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay, so we went back to the car and changed clothes. I wasn’t going to change, but I woke up, so I had to. I wore my nice collar shirt, and some shoes for a change (although I kicked them off three times before we got inside, including one time Mom didn’t see, and we had to go the whole way back to the car for it).

I was sleepy, but apparently Mom and Grandma had a good time reconnecting with someone named “Mr. Craig” and said it was great to see him, and the view was amazing. It was a great night, very pleasant. Here is a picture. I heard a rumor this spot was where they take the opening shots for CSI, but I wouldn't know. I'm not allowed to watch CSI.

Baby's Last Journal Entry

Well, tomorrow we go home. I’m secretly glad, but don’t tell anyone.


Message from Baby: As a wrap-up from the vacation, I wanted to let you know a few things. I spared you all the tale of the trip home, which was not a lot of fun. Bags got lost, the flight was delayed, keys were in the bag that got lost, but I WAS SO GLAD TO BE HOME! I thought we were never coming home again, and I was so excited.

Since then, Mom's cellphone has been returned -- it just arrived by mail today. And, I managed to break another Blackberry. I won't tell her how I did it, but it's giving her all kinds of error messages today -- heh, heh, heh.

Today we're going to see my aunt and uncle. Yay! (I think. I don't remember them) Mom says we will have tons of fun, and she's usually right about stuff like that. But then there was something about my Aunt helping me finally learn to drink out of a cup, and that has me a bit concerned. I might have started some unreasonable expectations with that eating thing in Las Vegas. Hmmm.


Thus endeth the travel tales of Baby. Tomorrow, our blog will resume with its regularly scheduled content ... unless we have another snowstorm, in which case I will have to tell you about our trip to the Carribean or something.


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