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>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, we made it home from Egypt safe and, mostly, sound.  Every large tour group has one person generous enough to bring along their cold and share it with everyone on the bus, and we are considering her generosity right about now.  Other than that cold, though, we are sound.

(I must admit that I find this whole unwell thing monumentally unfair.  In May and June I had a cold, had minor surgery I didn't even mention to anyone, ended up in the ER to have my gall bladder removed, got another infection that sent me to Urgent Care, experienced a nice case of Pharoah's revenge in Egypt, and now I have another cold.  Can I just tell you how sick I am of being sick? -- But, seriously, I feel much better than I did while I still had that stinkin' gall bladder, so it all works out in the end, I guess.)

Anyway, I just wanted to let y'all know that we are back and reluctantly easing ourselves back into the mundane.  On the bright side, we went to Egypt during an unbelievable heat wave (120 in the shade), and I'm finding the balmy tempertures of Virginia quite pleasant.  Tomorrow, when the temperature drops, I think I might have to find a sweater or something.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space.  It's All Good if You Can Laugh will be back full steam before too long.  First I have to push myself out from under the weight of all these cats that seem to have missed me very much and recall what it is like to have to make my bed myself again.  The good news is the laundry is already done ... until Monday, that is.  The bad news is I still have over 750 emails to get through out of the 1250 I found when I turned on the computer yesterday.  (*sigh*)

If you are lacking in something to read, you can check out the travel blog of one of my party.  She promises to begin posting soon, too.  The link is here.


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