Still MIA, So More "Shouting Out"

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

By the time you read this, I will be sailing the Nile River.

Um ... no. That wasn't a joke. Why do you ask? (And, no, it still isn't a good idea to figure out where I live and rob my house. I have house guests vigorously guarding my pile of newspapers and junk mail. There is no point trying. However, if you would like the newspapers and junk mail, I can arrange to send it to you, for the cost of shipping only.)

As you have probably heard to death by now, I had intended to continue my prolific posting even in my absence. At one time, I had over 10 days of posts scheduled and ready to go. Sadly, I used them all up on my convalesence and my stubborn refusal to write anything more than a few Facebook updates while under the influence of narcotic painkillers. (It's hard to type while your eyes are crossed.)

In the meantime, my friend Molly Campbell (aka @salamicat) has graciously agreed to allow me to do a Shout-Out over to her blog today. I wish I were here live and in person to help promote the post, because I know it's a good one. This post of hers originally surfaced on June 5, 2010. Normally, I would wait a bit longer before using it as the subject of a Shout Out, but honestly, I couldn't wait. By far, this one is my favorite of her blog. It's called Chalk and Cheese, and I know you will enjoy it.


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