Party Hangover

>> Monday, July 19, 2010

Recently, I had a rather sizable back yard barbecue get-together, thinly disguised as a 4th of July/birthday party.

I have no idea how many people were wandering around our back yard.  I just know that there were a loooottttt of kids.  Well, there were really only about five or so, plus one pre teen and one teen, but when all of the littles banded together and started running, it sure felt like a loooooootttttttt of kids.  (Of course, when you consider that of the "littles," the oldest is only five ... no matter how many kids there actually were, it felt like a whoooolllleeeeee looooooooooooottttttt of kids.)

In the aftermath of this party, I find myself in need of making some public service announcements.  Here goes:

To all the parents of all those kids, if you are missing a red capped sippy cup with baby farm animals, or a pink capped sippy cup with that ballerina girl from Little Einsteins, I am holding them for you. 

All of the food anyone left behind, whether intentional or no, has been donated to the food gods in your name.

I'm not sure what to do with the bag of dog treats, as I do not have a dog.  (And, despite Toddler's earnest whining, we will not be getting one.)

I thought I knew who brought all those presents, but I just found a set I don't even remember being opened, so now I am just baffled.  I sincerely apologize, but Thank You cards will be on hold until I can sort this out.  In the meantime, please accept this generic Thank You.  I assure you that all toys have been used, except for two, and I'm waiting for a rainy day where I can pay attention to where Toddler thinks he wants to run with Play-Doh to use those.  (Toddler thanks you very much.  I'm on the fence.)

Never fear, all of that leftover cake has found a home in someone's belly.  That was a biiiiiggggg cake.

While we did survive (perhaps with more luck than grace), I am still questioning the wisdom of inviting every pre-schooler I know.  I can only thank my lucky stars that half of them were busy.

I neglected to give any of the kiddos their "hope this keeps you quiet" bottle of Mickey Mouse bubbles.  If you are remotely interested, and local enough to drive by, I will still give it to you.  The Post Office frowns on mailing liquid, even if it is soap.  It sorta makes them nervous.

To our poor friend whose birthday it actually was, I apologize for not arranging a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for you.  I was never far enough away that you wouldn't be able to punch me.  Happy Birthday anyway.  I promise to keep your age our little secret.

To the runners who went for wine, you have my eternal blessing.  To the family member who forgot to put the last of the boxes into the fridge, I curse you.

The outdoor cats would also like to extend their thanks for the burgers and hot dogs the children dropped on the ground.  The cats made short work of them and are feeling quite spoiled now.  They would also like to know when you are coming back.  To the family with the dog, the cats say, "Hey, this is still my yard and it took me forever to remark everything."

I think that about wraps up my announcements.  Whose turn is it next?


ASK July 19, 2010 at 10:57 PM  

As someone who was not only invited to the party, but given permission to invade your property (and potentially freak out the neighbors) with our camper, I extend a hearty thank you to the host(s) of the aforementioned party. All members of the family (especially the little legged variety) had a wonderful time, ate ourselves full and enjoyed the fellowship of friends old and new. I must note that none of the aforementioned lost items are ours, and we do not have a need for the dog bones - sorry. Hope to see you, DH and the wee one again soon.

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