One Big Smelly Mess (Not What You Think)

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was shopping in the drustore section of my local store recently, and I happened to be looking at razors.  I know ... one of the many forbidden subjects.  No, I don't shave.  My body is just naturally smooth and hair free ... like a cave man.

Then I saw it.  A section of razors that were ... wait for it ... scented.  (I know!)

I have been thinking about writing about scented products for awhile, and this razor thing just sent me over the edge.  Now, I'm not really particular about something being "scented" versus "unscented."  For the most part, I just don't care, although I am not terribly fond of things that smell like cucumber or watermelon.  (And I really don't understand why anyone thought that cucumber flavored underarm deodorant was a good idea at all.)

What gets me is that after being up for less than an hour in the morning, I am fighting a battle of the artificial smells.  My brand of shampoo almost never stocks the same scent as the same brand of conditioner.  So, if my shampoo is the ever-prevalent watermelon, my conditioner is likely to be coconut or something like that.  With that kind of battle going, I feel like I need to retreat to a bar soap or a shower gel that smells innocuously of "soap" or "shampoo" rather than "warm vanilla sugar" or whatever.  Then there is the underarm deodorant scent, the fruity hairspray (that I no longer buy - whew!), and my perfume.  (I never understood the use of body spray.) 

With all that stuff already in play, I'm glad my favorite laundry detergent is unscented, and we use unscented dryer sheets this week because that is what was cheapest.

When it's all said and done, do I really need to add one more smell to my body in the form of scented razor blades?


I'm sorry.  I just don't think I need that.


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