Do Things Like This Happen to Other People?

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

You know, I find myself in situations sometimes and I ask myself, "Do other people do this, or am I just nuts?" I'm sure there are other people out there as silly and clutzy as me ... but I'm pretty sure I haven't met them.

Let's take my trip to Big Lots yesterday as an example. Toddler and I went in to look for catfood (didn't have what we wanted), and stayed to look around. I found a stack of woman's shorts in my size that looked an awful lot like the same kind of shorts I was wearing that day. The ones I was wearing were a gift from my mother, so I really had no idea what brand they were or where she got them. These looked the same, though. I read the label. Hmm. No insight. So there I was, in the store, craning my head around to look down my spine to see the label in my shorts. When that didn't work, I tried twisting the waistband of my shorts around far enough to read the label. That just gave me painful red marks. This was the point where I wondered if other people ever did this. Do other people turn themselves in circles in a discount store to read the labels of their own clothing? I'd like to think so, but I'm not sure.

So, I was left with a few choice, and none of them seemed to be really good ones. First, I could show the labels to Toddler and see if he could give me a clue. This didn't seem plausible. I could go to the car and perform acrobatics in the seat until I could read the label, but I might get spotted by a passerbye, and I certainly would be exhuasted for the effort and too tired to come back and buy the darn shorts anyway. I could just buy them and hope for the best? Nah. I'd never get around to returning them if I was wrong. There didn't seem to be a store bathroom, so that was out. I could have asked a clerk, but the only ones that seemed to speak English well enough for me to be sure we understood each other were men ... and that just didn't seem like the right answer

So, I left the store, sans any new shorts. I found out after I got home that the ones in Big Lots were actually the right ones, and I should have gotten them. Alas, the store is far away and I can't get there until this weekend. With my luck, the shorts will all be sold out.

On the other hand, we found a nice set of Elmo socks ("MELMO!") for Toddler, so it wasn't all a waste.

Later on, Toddler was playing with his sidewalk chalk, drawing outside while I was weeding the flower bed. Then, for some crazy reason, he decided to chalk on my shorts ... while I was wearing them. I thought he was trying to get my attention. Now I have blue sidewalk chalk on my posterier.

Seriously, does this happen to anyone else?


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