>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So, if I told you Toddler got up an hour early, screaming, and for the most part has punctuated every morning activity with a temper tantrum and collapsed by 10:30 in the car for a nap, is that enough of a blog entry for today?

No, I didn't think so.

Okay, how about this -- the coffee pot produced one cup of coffee this morning and then shut down for a periodic de-scale. Cool! The smell of vinegar in the kitchen all day!

Still not enough, eh? Well you are asking a lot from a woman with a screaming, exhausted child when said woman has only had one cup of coffee, but here goes:

After his appointment across town, Toddler and I went shopping. At first, this was great. We had a good time, but apparently I went one store too far. The whole trip ended with me carrying a shrieking Toddler out of the store while the whole place listened to him scream, "MELMO! MELMO! I WA MELMO!!!!!" I don't think Burlington Coat Factory will be inviting us back anytime soon. On the plus side (umm, I think), I learned he also knows who Barney is and who the Little Einsteins are, and he can say both of them. (It sounds funny listening to a two year old try to say, "Einshtein.") I don't know quite how he learned about the purple dinosaur, though. He only saw the show once, and it was probably a year ago. Hmmmm. Someone has been sneaking my kid videos when I wasn't looking. Hmmmm.

I must say, Elmo has grown on me, I suppose as part of my survival instinct. Media calls him the word's most popular three year old. I used to call him the world's most annoying 3 year old (and will someone please tell him to STOP REFERRING TO HIMSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON!) By this point, however, either his charm is growing on me, or I've gone simply numb. Barney is a different story, though. The only Barney thing in this house is the "Clean up, clean up" song, and that is all it will be if I have anything to do with it.

Just to put the final touches on the day, I found out (after lunch, of course) that Hard Times Cafe was giving away free chili dogs today in honor of National Chili Dog Day. For those of you who don't have one near you, how do I explain Hard Times Cafe? Well, it's chili even for those folks who don't like chili. I mean, they have an option of serving it over a bed of Fritos. Enough said!

Yep -- sounds like a hit and miss day ... mostly miss. There was no major damage, though, so I think we'll have to call it a success.


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