Bugs that Bug and the Tale of the Lost Sunglasses

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As it turns out, Houdini's fight with himself yesterday morning was a small omen about the day. He was warning me that some things are really too bothersome to ignore. I'm not sure what good the warning did me, even if I had understood him, but it was true. As it turns out, a cloud of gnats in Toddler's face is about as bothersome to him as a super-itchy ear is to Houdini.

We went to story and music time in the town square yesterday, like we have done often enough before. Toddler is bored with the stories, but he sure looooovvvveeess the music. Yesterday, though, he couldn't even be patient through the stories because these little nasty gnats just kept flying around our faces, and they were driving him crazy! He was swatting at his face and crying into my clothing and begging me to let him go back to the car. I knew as soon as the music came on, things would be fine, so I spent the next 15 minutes trying to find a place with few enough gnats to give him a chance to wait it out. The best help was letting Toddler walk around with my sunglasses on so the nasty little things couldn't get too close to his eyes.

This whole "gnat" thing would have been so much easier if we had Toddler's sunglasses with us, but alas, those lovely things have been lost. Yep. Lost. We took them to Hersheypark last weekend, and I, in my infinite wisdom, took them from Toddler and put them in my pocket so that he wouldn't lose them on the Scrambler ride. Well, guess who lost them. We reported them to the Lost and Found, and we received wonderful news! They were found, and the park mailed them back to us. Whew!!!!! There was rejoicing in the house. But ... the rejoicing was premature. The sunglasses they found were not ours, and we learned that as soon as we opened the package from the park. If anything, these sunglasses are even less attractive than the ones Toddler found for himself in Nevada. Well, for one thing, they are for a girl. Yep -- white sunglasses with little flowers on them.

On our errands today, we will be stopping at CVS to see if the Mickey Mouse sunglasses have more appeal than they used to for Toddler. I sure hope so. I have a funny feeling those Nevada glasses are gone for good. They didn't like me making fun of them, I suppose, and that is unfortunate because they really did fit unusually well.

Oh, well. Maybe as soon as we buy some new ones, these will show up caught in the folds of the stroller or something. That would be my luck for sure, even though it hasn't worked yet for my GPS.


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