We're Long Overdue for a "Why" Post: Why, Part 4

>> Friday, September 18, 2009

I was checking back in the post list and realized I haven't given you guys my list of "Why" questions in a long time. I think the last one was "Why, Part 3" on July 13th. So, here are some questions that I have been wondering about in the past 6 weeks.

1. Why does healing skin itch so much? I mean, if we scratch it, the wound gets irritated and worse and possibly infected, so restraint is best, right? Well, if scratching a healing wound is really not good for us, then why does it itch? Why do our bodies tell us to do something so rotten for us? What happened before we were "advanced" enough to know not to scratch? Does anyone think about these sorts of things but me?

2. Why is a muffin considered a good thing to eat? As my niece says, muffins are just an excuse to have cake for breakfast.

3. Why is it that some of the nicest sounding singers are on children's tv shows? Take "Mover Dave" from the Imagination Movers, for example. I certainly understand the desire on a lot of parts to produce quality and pleasing children's programming, but I think this guy could sing ballads and make money at it. Instead, he is acting silly and jumping around in a mechanic's jumpsuit, complete with nametag. I can't imagine he's getting paid all that much to prance around that warehouse, but maybe he is.

4. Have you ever noticed that perfectly ordinary and typical women very often become food pushers the day they become in-laws or grandmothers? Why is that? Are we programmed in some way to begin offering food every few seconds when our children get married or have children of their own? Trust me, this isn't just an Italian thing, nor is it limited to just your grandmother.

5. Why do children talk loudest in church, but when you want them to show off to your friends they clam up?

6. Why does all women's business clothing almost never have pockets? Do clothing manufacturers think we don't have to carry things, or are we supposed to carry purses for our pens?

7. Why do makeup companies phase out their color products so quickly? Let's be honest, I'm not going to buy more just because you altered the color slightly. I'll wait until mine runs out and pick a new one. This means every time my lipstick runs out I need to find a new color.

8. Why do cats show up when there is people food around, even if they are too finicky to eat it? For that matter, what can a cat possibly smell in a Diet Coke?

9. Why will a cat get sick if it doesn't lick itself every day, but if a kid licks a bleeding cut s/he risks infection? Does that mean people have dirtier mouths?

10. Why do pet stores tell people with fish tanks to only put a small number of fish in your tank while they keep 10 or more times as many in their tanks?

11. Why when live television events are rebroadcast in the wee hours of the morning, the show is still called "Live" on the guide?

Well, that about does it for this round of imponderables. If you have any of your own, feel free to send them on to me.


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