>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Oh, no, now what do I do. Another one has (finally) been installed, and we are on our way to recording all the cartoons again. This is a good thing because I am already tired of listening to Toddler whine, "Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse?"

I know, this whole disaster is my fault. I should never have introduced Toddler to the joys of on-demand television. I should never have put off watching the final half season of Battlestar Galactica. (At least I can buy that one in the store, and I think I can even watch some of them online.) Yes, I missed the last 3 episodes of 90210 when the season ended last spring. True, I was about 5 episodes behind in Warehouse 13 and about 3 episodes behind in Royal Pains. I also had some documentaries saved that I had watched for minutes before being bombarded by Toddler kisses.

But the worst of this disaster is yet to come. I relied on that DVR to pick up all the season premieres of all the shows I watched last season. This was going to be automatic. I wasn't going to miss an episode. If I was recording it last year, the recording was going to restart automaticlly. That way, the only shows I needed to watch for on the internet or the TV advertisements was Survivor, which has a different title each season, so the recording doesn't carry over.

Man, now I actually have to pay attention to what is coming on! I'll have to go research which week the new season of House was to begin. Wow, talk about making me feel like a TV nut! At least with all the stuff happening automatically, and me watching it days or weeks (or months, to be candid) later, I could pretend I was not a lazy couch potato. I mean, for the 24 hours there was no DVR at all, I was proud of myself because I couldn't be bothered to turn on the TV. If the show wasn't already recorded, and I knew I wanted to watch it, why bother?

Now, and for awhile to come, when DH sits down after Toddler is in bed and asks, "What do you want to watch?" He is going to mean only what is on live tv. For us, that means some boring Wednesdays for a long time yet. It's 250 channels and nothing on.


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