Frustration! Frustration!

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am suffering from massive internet failure!!!!!! I know you are reading this online, but I’m writing it offline because my internet is playing nasty, cruel tricks on me again. Oddly enough, right now it is only working first thing in the morning, before we run out for our errands, and by the time we come home, the darn thing is pretending not to get a signal from the cable. (Of course, the cable company claims it isn’t *their* fault …. And I suppose no one cares that the modem is brand new….)

Now, why is this internet failure an especially cruel, cruel trick? Well putting aside the fact that I don’t actually own a copy of Bejeweled Twist and have to play it online, and also putting aside my Facebook withdrawal, I still have to object to the timing of this modem. Mornings? The thing works in the morning? Really? I’m supposed to sit down and blog in the mornings? I mean, just because I schedule the posts to publish at 7 AM does in no way mean that I am actually competent enough to string a written sentence together at that time of day. No sir, no way. Besides, even if I could string together two sentences, there is the Toddler factor. Things that are important happen during nap time, not during “crawling on my lap” time. This timing is just plain nasty, and I won’t go there. Nope. I’ll type my blog later in the day and cut and paste it when I can get a signal.

See, there is a solution to most everything. If all else fails, we’ll be switching to a new internet service provider. The real problem, though, is the email addresses. We’ll need to clean them out, and we’ve had them since we moved into the house in the spring of 2002. I think half the stores in America are sending us their e-news letter, as well as every organization we belong to that doesn’t send out paper mail. I could just let it all go and start fresh, but I know I’ll regret that the next time I can’t remember a password for an online account and it emails all the hints to my old address.

This could take some time, I’m thinking.


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